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navigating the 30's, one problem at a time. #FIO #thirtysomething

i finally reached london after being in newcastle the past two days. sitting on a train for three hours, reading, writing, working, it all seems like long ago.

the tube is a strange comfort. not quite home. but familiar.

my head rests in my hands and i feel tears drip down the inside of my sleeve. i’m crying.

i’m confronted by the harsh reality that now i am completely alone in this place.

and for the first time, in a long time, i feel like it.

i am so insanely in love with this guy. <3

my home away from home in newcastle.

my home away from home in newcastle.

new contact cards for work!

new contact cards for work!

let&#8217;s go fucking mental.

let’s go fucking mental.

on august 9th, kjartan and i celebrated our marriage on my family farm in neshkoro, wisconsin. we called it a pilgrim wedding in honour of the camino de santiago, where we met. 

Anonymous asked: What are you doing in London? What's going on in your life?


i took a position coaching teachers to do project-based learning in the UK. i am living in london but will be traveling to newcastle pretty frequently. and copenhagen every other weekend. :D

life is good! i just got a bike i like to call ‘rickety anne’ because there are parts of her that clink and clatter so loud. 

i’ve been doing some writing, a (hopefully publishable) account of my experience on the camino…. i set a deadline of december for finishing it, so we’ll see how that goes. 

thanks for checking in! <3

loving london but missing san diego like crazy. 

loving london but missing san diego like crazy. 

i’ve been absent from tumblr. but present for a lot of other things. like:

  • packing up my car and moving from san diego
  • driving across the country to wisconsin with my dad
  • living on a farm with my husband (living together for the first time, technically)
  • planning a wedding 
  • having a wedding
  • packing a suitcase and moving to london
  • saying goodbye
  • starting a new job in the UK

there’s been a lot of change. and strangely, i’m feeling good.